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I am from Malaysia and live in Malaysia.I used to view China as a backwards country with a strong military.


My parents has a few apartments that they rented to Chinese students studying in nearby colleges and universities. The way they maintain the house is horrible and everytime they stop renting, we will need to fork out quite a lot of money to repair the house (especially cleaning the house, i have no idea how a porcelain bath tub/toilet seat can be black in color..)


My encounters with Chinese students on campus wasnt too good either. They are ill mannered and talk so loud you can hear them a mile away.



This is more than 20 years ago.My views changed slightly when i went to UK for my university education. The chinese students i met there is very generous, well behaved. When i was invited to their house for parties or to socialize, discuss things we learned in class, their residence is very clean. But then, i thought to myself back then, these students are children of the rich and powerful chinese compared to the chinese students i met in Malaysia. I thought to myself, this is probably the difference between upper class chinese and the middle class chinese.



This is 15 years ago.My family decided to go over to China for vacation, mainly 江南 area, including Shanghai. The scenery is breathtaking. But still there is ill mannered chinese everywhere. litter on the floor.. People talking loudly etc.


This is 10 years ago,i was asked to go to China for a business trip, to Ningbo and Shanghai. And again this year to Changzhou and Hangzhou. I am very very surprised at how China progressed over the years. The roads got better, transportation improved. But most of all, how the people changed.


People is much better behaved. Well mannered and actually obeyed traffic laws. I see slogans everywhere saying “Be Civilized”. Civilized driving, civilized usage of elevators, civilized everything.


These changes in China are nothing short of miracles! How did they do it? I think it is inseparable from their constant popularization of civilization education in schools and anywhere else! Now I can be sure that with the further development of this kind of civilization education, China will become a country that the world envies!



2、Mike Wu

In the United States, when the police let us stop, I believe that no one dare to raise redundant objections! If you do, Congratulations, death is approaching you!


There is no denying that it is such a bad experience that for a long time, I was afraid and avoided contact with the police as much as possible, because I was afraid of death!


Once I thought it was the same all over the world, under the influence of our media propaganda, I only thought that the situation in China might be worse! But an uneasy trip to China changed my mind!



Yes. That kind of incidents is not uncommon. When I first saw it I was astounded. I have seen drunks stepping right up and poking the police in the chest. Once I seen an old woman swinging her plastic bags of veggie and meat at a policeman. His sin was in telling her off for jaywalking. LOL


To serve and protect, indeed.


3、M Henri Day

Saw altercations of that type between traffic cops and civilians when I lived in Beijing in the late 70s and early 80s of teh last century, the difference being that the civilians then, like myself, were all cyclists. Thought to myself then that whatever China is - and it is many things - it is not a police state, for in a police state, one does not argue with teh police….



Although every scene is extremely chaotic, I can only see the helpless police and the people rolling on the ground. Of course, there are pedestrians who watch everything as a drama. Well, although the experience is not good, I feel an unprecedented security. Chinese police are so cute, I like them very much!



Hahaha, if you say so, I'm suddenly looking forward to seeing the Chinese police. You know that in India, the police usually mean favoritism and corruption. They don't think too much about the ideas of ordinary people, but the Chinese police you describe seem to think about the feelings of other people!



Yes, I promise you will fall in love with the Chinese police. As an American who has lived in China for 8 years, I will not feel estranged from them more often. Especially the resident film police, they are more like a "treasure chest" to coordinate all kinds of trivial matters and emergency assistance around!



6、Charles K

Speaking of public security, in my native Mexico, my parents always told me not to communicate with strangers too much and not to leave home after dark at night!


Later, I went to the United States, where I was envied for the public security. Compared with Mexico, the day in the United States is safe. Although there are various dangers in the night, where is the night not a symbol of danger?


In the United States, for the first time, I systematically learned about a country - China, but in general, this Asian country, which is separated from the Pacific Ocean, doesn't seem to have a high evaluation: in American newspapers, we see more news criticizing the human trafficking and criminal violence in this country!



I never thought how much contact I would have with this country. When I knew that the company asked me to send to China, I realized that I might leave the "comfort zone" which has been stable for a long time. To be honest, I didn't want to come to China!


When I arrived in Beijing, China, it was late at night. When I stepped out of the open airport, I felt the fear I had never felt before, even though my colleagues told me again and again before I left, China is a wonderful place!


OK I'm Mexican. I'm not afraid of the night in China, but unexpectedly, the night when I had a hunch of what would happen didn't happen


As it turns out, I've thought too much, and the adventures I'm looking forward to and afraid of never happened! I'm used to playing around in the streets of Beijing at night!



7、Turtle field

Ha ha, yes! Chinese people are really the friendliest and kindest people you will meet. Not everyone in every country is like this. But unfortunately, many foreigners who come to China always wear colored glasses to see all this! Just like the American provocation against China, they always graft their bad intentions on the Chinese!


8、Mohamed Iqbal

Yes, I agree with you!I am a non-Chinese Asian. I support the Asian nations to prosper and to be a developed continent. China is the largest,richest and strongest Asian nation. China need to be united and be strong for the Asian unity and security. We had enough of European Imperialism or colonialism.


Most Asians feel there is a agenda to weaken China.India is a powerful nation too,but it’s economy is too domestic oriented.China has a global economy.Japan and Korea too have a good economy,but they are US allies/puppets!China stands on it’s own! If China falls,the next target will be India,Indonesia,and Thailand! The West cannot dictate Asia.



虽然,对于网友“ Mohamed Iqbal”饱含博弈意味的留言倡议,老铁并不十分赞同,但是其话语中的有一点,本人确实相当赞同:













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