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1、Arthur Dayne

As an American who travels through China, at late hours sometimes and random places and not part of any tour groups, it is far safer for Americans than it is for Americans living back in the US.


Chinese people and police are more humane, less violent, more sensible and more approachable than my fellow Americans. I don’t have to worry about getting violently assaulted, robbed, raped, stabbed to death, burned alive, strangled, abducted and beheaded, arrested for nonsense reasons like in America and I don’t have to worry about getting shot to death by the locals or Chinese cops because they don’t take life for fun like American cops do.



Chinese people are also less selfish and less mentally ill than Americans are and they have empathy and compassion, understanding of what human beings are, whether by themselves or PART OF A COMMUNITY so there’s not much to fear because you are interacting with actual human beings who acknowledge you as a fellow human beings.



I am British, and I think my experience may help you.


About ten years ago, when I graduated from university, I decided to give myself a gift by traveling almost half of China by myself.


I took about $800, began my trip from Inner Mongolia, passed Shan-Xi, He-Nan, An-Hui, Zhe-Jiang, Jiang-Su, He-Bei, Ji-Lin, Liao-Ning, Hei-Long-Jiang provinces and back to home in about one month. If you have a map, you can find that my path is a big circle, which contain all provinces in the middle and east of China.


You know that the price in China is not so high, but obviously with only $800, I cannot live in a starred hotel, or traveled by plane and taxi all the time. Actually during this trip, I always took the cheapest train or long-distance bus for transportation between cities, and took bus or walk in the cities.



For sleeping, I once slept in the old temples (It is amazing that there is still some temples that don’t need to pay money in China!! Of course not the temples in the scenic spot.), or sometimes in the very very small hotel which lied in the suburb. And I even reached one city very late about 11:00 pm. The long-distance bus stop was always far away from the center of the city.


I had to take another bus to the city center but there was no bus at that time. There was almost nobody in the street, and I walked to look for a hotel and checked in after 1:00 am (Because I don’t want to live in the hotel which is too close to the bus stop or the railway station, since they are always too expensive and noisy).


After all of these, nothing dangerous happened. On the contrary, there were many people help me when I fell in some troubles. For example, when I was in the WU Tai Mountain, where it had five peaks, I tried to go to another peak by walking.


But I began too late in the afternoon and I overestimated my speed. After two hours’ walking, I found that if I continued to walk, the best result was that I reached there at midnight (you know the roads in the mountain, so flexural, looked very closed, but…).



But I was lucky that someone kindly drove me for a long distance. And Still in this mountain, the next day, When I tried to walk to another peak (totally five peaks), I walked in a wrong way… The road near the peak was stopped by the rain several days ago, but I didn’t notice the notification.


I met someone, who went earlier than me and came down from that peak, and was told this, then since it already dark, they took me to live in the old temple, ate vegetable dish, 10 person slept in a very very long bed. In the next day, they drove me to the nearest city for free. A great experience that I will never forget.


3、Chien-Sheng Tsai

On a visit to Xiamen (Fujian) some time ago, a young local lady I was with was going to the store at 12:00 midnight to buy some eggs. I offered to go with her to protect her from muggers--she thought I was very funny and silly--the idea that she could get robbed. People, even girls, walk alone at night without much fear.



Just today, I heard on CCTV-4 news about Chinese tourist in Los Angeles--it was a warning to other Chinese traveling to USA. This Chinese man in his 50's, Mr. Wang, visiting LA got curious and went to take pictures of homeless people living in tents on the streets of LA. He got his cell phone taken, punched in the face and was further beaten up with broken leg and fractured ribs, and it will take him a month to recover.


In China, I had gone sightseeing with some local friends. We pulled up to a parking area and the locals I was with put their bags into the trunk of the car in plain sight of many people standing around. I refused to put my backpack into the trunk, saying it would not be safe--they laughed at me and said I was being paranoid. I carried my backpack throughout. We came back to the car several hours later; nobody had broken into the trunk of the car. In NYC I had my car trunk broken into 4 times, 3 times in broad daylight.



4、Sam Arora

China is very safe for all nationalities, color, caste, creed, religions. Also, I can say it is one of the best countries for a woman’s safety. First, tier cities are super safe, the police is a friend and not a corrupt hoodlums.


Once they see a foreigner is distress they are there to help even more than their own people. Second tier, small towns and rural areas are excellent too. However, mountains and very remote area I do not know.


Yes, there could be a place where you find exotic foods.Vendors are polite, gently tell them you do not want it. They do not pursue you too much.


Sometimes in parks, some Chinese ask to take a picture with you. Just smile and let them have it. They are curious that is all.



5、Larry Park

I have lived in both China and America for many years , China is far more safer than America hands down. even young women can walk alone on the streets at night time without problem.


Violence crime rate in China is not even 10% of that in America because there is no way to get a gun in China, also most Chinese are very mild and non-violent . of course there are homicide in China , but most likely it’s single digit in a million .


In America it can be double digit even in 100k. For a retired American person, it’s not a bad idea to live part of his time in China. in most of China cities ( except Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen ,etc.,) you can live quite well with just $1000 per month .


$300-$400 to rent a 2bed apartment, $200-$300 for meals ( including eating out a few times in a week). Buses are very cheap , you still have money for some entertainment .

租一套两张床的公寓要300- 400美元,吃饭要200- 300美元(包括一周出去吃几次)。公共汽车很便宜,你还有钱可以娱乐。


Don't worry. I've been to China five or six times, and you're 100 times safer than anywhere else in the world. The police don't even take guns to the streets in general. You can hang out on the streets at night without worrying about any personal safety!


7、Elk Boy

Let me tell you a true story. When I first went to China in 2015, I was shocked by his prosperity and stability. There were no police who frightened the people. There were few unemployed vagrants in the alleys. The Chinese people were kind and loved their work. Everyone of them seemed to be in such a hurry. Believe me, we preached about China. Biography, full of prejudice and lies!




I'm from France. Believe me, China is a place worth visiting. I'm curious about what they really rely on to maintain such a stable social order. It's a miracle!


9、Frankfurt Watcher

China's violent crime rate is very low, which is very similar to Japan, so I think you can refer to your own security environment, I have been to Japan, it is a beautiful country, but I want to say that China's security may be better than Japan.


10、A powerful heart

I hope you will not be misled by your own country. They have been tarnishing China for a long time for political purposes. I once thought that was the case with China, but now I want to say that everything is deceptive! I've been in China for five years. It's really a beautiful country. It's the same in all respects.















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